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Thu Jun 3 15:59:55 UTC 2021

Many thanks to Antonia Ruppel for informing us of the current status of
this unfortunate matter!

I only have to add that, contrary to appearances, the process of filling
the two professorships in Indology is to be stopped as a result of
yesterday's decision by the Senate. This is because the resolution now
provides for a completely new discussion on the retention or closure of
disciplines. No one can predict when and how this discussion will end.
Until then, the chairs will remain vacant if the initial approval of the
Rectorate that has already taken place is not realised immediately.

In this respect, I can only agree with Antonia Ruppel that now would be the
time to press massively for an immediate filling of the Indological

With heartfelt thanks for your great support (15,200 signatures at the
and with my very best regards,

Walter Slaje

Am Do., 3. Juni 2021 um 16:25 Uhr schrieb Antonia Ruppel via INDOLOGY <
indology at list.indology.info>:

> Dear list,
> Some news from Halle, where yesterday NO decisions to cut
> professorships/close departments were made! Instead, it was decided that
> the very real need for cuts would be addressed in a process where all parts
> of the university are involved and, at least officially, have a say.
> Please find below the email that everyone who had contacted the relevant
> people directly received about an hour ago. That that email was sent out in
> German *and English* shows that they clearly noticed the international
> interest this case has generated. Which I think means: if you haven't
> voiced your views yet, and if you have a moment to email the minister of
> education (and cc the rector and dean, all contact details given at the
> bottom of the email), your voice may very well have an impact.
> Many thanks to everyone who has signed the petition (added again below)
> and/or already shared their views in an email!
> Antonia
> --
> Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
> haben Sie herzlichen Dank für Ihr unterstützendes Schreiben. Der Senat der
> Martin-Luther-Universität hat in seiner gestrigen Sitzung keine
> Studiengänge geschlossen, sondern nach eingehender Diskussion einen
> Beschluss gefasst, dass sich Rektorat, Senat, die betreffende Kommission
> und schließlich die Fakultäten, gemeinsam den enormen finanziellen
> Herausforderungen stellen muss und gemeinsam Lösungsvorschläge erarbeiten
> müssen. Dabei wird es sicher auch um die Streichungen von Professuren gehen
> müssen. In einer gemeinsam verfassten Stellungnahme aller Dekane der
> Fakultät heißt es: „Streichungen von Professuren und Fächern bedürfen einer
> genauen und unvoreingenommenen Prüfung durch diese einzusetzenden
> Arbeitsgruppen; sämtliche Parameter (Studierenden-Zahlen, Forschungsbilanz,
> internationale Wahrnehmung, nationale und internationale Relevanz des
> Fachs, Anschlussfähigkeit, Absolvent*innen [BA, MA, Lehrämter,
> Dissertationen und Habilitationen]) sind dabei zu berücksichtigen.“ Dieser
> internen Evaluation werden sich alle Bereiche der Universität stellen
> müssen, so auch die sog. Kleinen Fächer, aber eben nicht nur die kleinen
> Fächer. Dies sage ich in vollem Bewusstsein, dass mein Lehrstuhl
> „Prähistorische Archäologie“ ebenfalls dem Spektrum der kleine Fächer
> zugeordnet wird. Für den nun angeschobenen Prozess ist Ihre Stellungnahme
> zweifelsfrei eine wichtige Stütze.
>  Mit den besten Grüßen
> François Bertemes
> Dekan
> ------------------------------
> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> Thank you very much for your letter of support. At its meeting yesterday,
> the Senate of the Martin Luther University did not close any degree
> programmes but, after in-depth discussion, passed a resolution that the
> Rectorate, the Senate, the relevant commissions and, finally, the
> faculties, must jointly face up to the enormous financial challenges and
> jointly develop proposals for solutions.  This will certainly also have to
> involve the cancellation of professorships. In a statement jointly written
> by all deans of our faculties, we declare: "Cancellations of professorships
> and research areas require a precise and unbiased examination by working
> groups to be set up; all parameters (student numbers, research record,
> international perception, national and international relevance of the
> subject, connectivity, graduates [BA, MA, teaching degrees, dissertations
> and habilitations]) are to be taken into account." All areas of the
> university will have to face this internal evaluation, including the
> so-called small research and teaching fields, but not only the small
> research and teaching fields. I say this in full awareness of the fact that
> my Chair of Prehistoric Archaeology is also assigned to the spectrum of
> small areas. Your statement is undoubtedly an important support for the
> process that has now been initiated.
> Best regards
> François Bertemes
> Dean
> --
> The petition is taking signatures for two more days:
> https://www.openpetition.de/petition/online/kahlschlag-an-der-mlu-verhindern-fakultaeten-retten
> --
> If you'd be willing to send an email to the powers that be: here they are
> 1) Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann
> Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitalisierung des Landes
> Sachsen-Anhalt
> Hasselbachstraße 4
> D-39104 Magdeburg
> Email: vorzimmerMin at mw.sachsen-anhalt.de
> 2) Rektor:
> Prof. Dr. Christian Tietje
> Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
> Universitätsplatz 10
> D-06108 Halle
> Email: rektor at uni-halle.de
> 3) Dekan:
> Prof. Dr. François Bertemes
> Emil-Abderhalden-Straße 6
> D-06108 Halle
> Email: dekan at philfak1.uni-halle.de
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