[INDOLOGY] Death Matters: Samādhis, Dargāhs and Relics in South Asia

Mark McLaughlin markasha at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 00:14:19 UTC 2021

Dear Colleagues ~

On behalf of Brian Hatcher, Abhishek Amar, and myself, I am pleased to draw
your attention to the first of a special two-issue series of the *Journal
of Hindu Studies*.

*Death Matters: Samādhis, Dargāhs and Relics in South Asia*

Many thanks to all the authors for their fine contributions. A special
thanks to JHS editor Jessica Frazier for the initial invitation and for
your guiding hand moving these issues to publication. And finally, our
deepest gratitude to the staff of JHS for managing to put this issue out
during such a difficult and trying time.

The second issue will be published later this year.

With best wishes,

Mark McLaughlin, PhD
*Senior Lecturer of South Asian Religions*

*Department of Religious StudiesWilliam & MaryWilliamsburg, VA*
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