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DearIndology List members,

Someof you may be interested in the following book:

Social History of IndianBuddhism: New Researches. Edited with anIntroduction by Birendra Nath Prasad. Publisher: Research India Press, NewDelhi, 2021. ISBN number: 978951711964.



1.Introduction.                                     BirendraNath Prasad

2. A HappyCombination? Buddhism and Urbanism on the Fringes of the Western Ghats.                                     GethinRees 

3. TheAdvent of Monastic Buddhist Prosociality in Central India in the First centuryBCE.                                     Matthew D. Milligan

4. TheArtist, the Patron and the Public: Exploring the Influence of Local AgrarianCommunities and their Fertility Cults on the Buddhist Art of Bharhut.  

                                                        Shreyashi Chaudhuri

5.Re-interpreting the Sacred Space at Sanghol: A Multidisciplinary Study. 

                                                      Garima Kaushik

6. Images ofDonors in the Buddhist art of Eastern India. 

                                                     Claudine Bautze-Picron

7. TheSocial Bases of Patronage to Buddhism in Early Medieval Odisha: An EpigraphicEnquiry. 

                                                    Umakant Mishra

8. Marchingwith People: Continuity and Changes in the Religious Tradition of GoddessTārā.                              EloraTribedy



BirendraNath Prasad

Centrefor Historical Studies

JawaharlalNehru University, New Delhi.

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