[INDOLOGY] anādir ayaṃ āloko: tracing the origin of a stanza from a Pali Grammar

Aleix Ruiz Falqués arfalques at cantab.net
Fri Jul 2 08:56:48 UTC 2021

Dear list,

I am working on a short grammatical text in Pali called the Kaccāyanasāra,
composed in Burma, probably around the 14th century. It is a Pali version
of Caṅgadāsa's Sambandhopadeśa. Not all verses, however, derive from Caṅga.
Some seem to be borrowed from a certain *sakkatagantha* "Sanskrit book",
cited in the *navaṭīkā* on the Kaccāyanasāra. One of the stanzas borrowed
from the Sanskrit book is the following:

anādir ayam āloko saddakhyo yassa na pphuṭo ||
> byañjate tassa satthena dīpo va gatiy' āvuto || 43 ||

The idea is quite common but I have been unable to find the exact Sanskrit
source for this text and I would be most grateful if anyone could offer
help. Maybe it is simply a recast from other famous stanzas with similar

Many thanks and best wishes,
Aleix Ruiz-Falqués
Pali Lecturer
Head of the Department of Pali and Languages
Shan State Buddhist University
Phaya Phyu, Taunggyi, Myanmar 140101
(+95) 09428757648
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