[INDOLOGY] some thoughts about modality, vyaapti and `eva'

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On 7/1/21 7:03 AM, Patrick McAllister wrote:
> Dear list members,
> just two small additions to the already very useful pointers on
> modality:
> Within the vyāpti discussions of Buddhist logicians, it might be useful
> to focus on the “all-inclusive pervasion relations”
> (sarvopasaṃhāra-vyāpti).  Kano and Sakai have recently discussed
> struggles within the post-Dharmakīrtian tradition to account for how the
> most prominent type of this pervasion, the one between existence and
> momentariness, undermines the trairūpya requirement.[1]
> A second thing to consider in this regard could be arguments involving
> the impossibility of positing opposing properties
> (“viruddha-dharma-adhyāsa” or similar).  This impossibility, it seems to
> me, derives from the strong notion “These properties can’t possibly
> coexist”, rather than from “These properties just never happen to occur
> together.”  But of course, it would all depend on the reasons given for
> the impossibility of their co-existence.
> Footnotes:
> [1] See Kano 2020 at https://austriaca.at/0xc1aa5576%200x003c19db.pdf
>      and Sakai 2020 at https://austriaca.at/0xc1aa5576%200x003c19f3.pdf,
>      both from this volume: https://austriaca.at/8781-3inhalt.
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