[INDOLOGY] some thoughts about modality, vyaapti and `eva'

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Thu Jul 1 11:03:05 UTC 2021

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just two small additions to the already very useful pointers on

Within the vyāpti discussions of Buddhist logicians, it might be useful
to focus on the “all-inclusive pervasion relations”
(sarvopasaṃhāra-vyāpti).  Kano and Sakai have recently discussed
struggles within the post-Dharmakīrtian tradition to account for how the
most prominent type of this pervasion, the one between existence and
momentariness, undermines the trairūpya requirement.[1]

A second thing to consider in this regard could be arguments involving
the impossibility of positing opposing properties
(“viruddha-dharma-adhyāsa” or similar).  This impossibility, it seems to
me, derives from the strong notion “These properties can’t possibly
coexist”, rather than from “These properties just never happen to occur
together.”  But of course, it would all depend on the reasons given for
the impossibility of their co-existence.

[1] See Kano 2020 at https://austriaca.at/0xc1aa5576%200x003c19db.pdf
    and Sakai 2020 at https://austriaca.at/0xc1aa5576%200x003c19f3.pdf, 
    both from this volume: https://austriaca.at/8781-3inhalt.

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