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Yes, thank you, Patricia, - it has been widely.

To the list more generally -

There is one question it raises for me, not about Weingast's fantasies, but about K. R. Norman's
translation cited herein. In the first verse quoted, he renders yogakkhema (= Skt. yogakṣema) as "rest-from-exertion". Charles Hallisey, in his recent translation of the same work
gives "safety," which seems more plausible to me in light of the Sanskrit usage.

I would be grateful for any insights you might have into Norman's treatment of the term and, more generally, into the semantic range of the curious expression yogakṣema. Tibetan lexicographers, by the way, treated it as having the meanings "accomplished" (grub-pa = siddha) and "comfort/ease/happiness" (bde-ba = sukha).

best to all,

Matthew Kapstein
Directeur d'études, émérite
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris

Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies,
The University of Chicago
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Thank you very much for this.

Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

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Dear all,

I thought you might find this article on the myriad issues with a recent publication of the Therīgāthā of interest.

Dr. Patricia Sauthoff, PhD
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