[INDOLOGY] Nitti-Dolci on Puruṣottama's Prākṛtānuśāsana

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Sun Feb 14 21:17:06 UTC 2021


Reading through Nitti-Dolci’s insightful 1938 survey of Prakrit grammars I have produced a draft schematic overview (PDF attached here I hope) of her main comments for my own use (thought to share just in case it is helpful to anyone else).

I have though, also been trying to locate a copy (hard or soft) of her 1938 thesis (citation below) but the usual sources (internet.archive, Scribd, Abebooks, etc.) have not produced a copy. 

Does anyone have a PDF of this study to share I wonder?


1938 *‘Le “Prakrtanusasana” de Purusottama : thèse complémentaire pour le doctorat dès lettres présentée’ / par Luigia Nitti-Dolci. Paris ; Mâcon : Impr. de Protat frères, 1938. xxvii, 144 p. (Cahiers de la Société asiatique. no. 6). Includes French translation. “[Œ]uvre magistralement exécutée” (Louis Renou, 1938, review of Nitti-Dolci’s 1938 book, Journal asiatique 1938: 159).

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