[INDOLOGY] Questions for PhD on Sanskrit dramas

Roberto Morales roberto.moralesharley at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 21:01:09 UTC 2021

Dear list members,

I am currently working on my PhD thesis, for which I am looking into the
ways Sanskrit epic stories are adapted into Sanskrit dramas.

My focus is on three themes: embassies (e.g., the Mahābhārata’s
Udyogaparvan and Bhāsa’s Dūtavākya), sneak attacks (e.g., the Mahābhārata’s
Virāṭaparvan and Bhāsa’s Pañcarātra), and rākṣasas (e.g., the Mahābhārata’s
Haiḍimbopaparvan and Bhāsa’s Madhyamavyāyoga).

Do you know if the night attack from the Sauptikaparvan is explicitly
featured somewhere in Sanskrit drama?

Could you suggest other plays that might be worth looking into?

Thanks in advance,

Roberto Morales-Harley

PhD Student

Advanced Studies in Humanities, University of Málaga, Spain
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