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May I suggest in cases like this that you upload your better scan to
Archive.org?  It's very easy to do.


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> Thanks to Guy St Amant, James Reich, and Antonio Ferreira-Jardim for
> responding. Guy provided me with a bolder scan than the one available on
> archive.org, which I attach here in case anyone needs it. All best,
> भवदीयःJ
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> -----
>  Anandavardhana+Dhvanyāloka.pdf
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d23dPNpoXNTFsU2iGINJTqhbnWeaDGsD/view?usp=drive_web>
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> Jesse Ross Knutson PhD
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> 461 Spalding
> It is creative apperception more than anything else that makes the
> individual feel that life is worth living. Contrasted with this is a
> relationship to external reality which is one of compliance, the world and
> its details being recognized but only as something to be fitted in with or
> demanding adaptation. Compliance carries with it a sense of futility for
> the individual and is associated with the idea that nothing matters and
> that life is not worth living. In a tantalizing way many individuals have
> experienced just enough creative living to recognize that for most of their
> time they are living uncreatively, as if caught up in the creativity of
> someone else, or of a machine.--Donald Winnicott, *Playing and Reality*
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