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Thanks to Guy St Amant, James Reich, and Antonio Ferreira-Jardim for
responding. Guy provided me with a bolder scan than the one available on
archive.org, which I attach here in case anyone needs it. All best, भवदीयःJ


Jesse Ross Knutson PhD
Associate Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature
Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures
University of Hawai'i, Mānoa
461 Spalding

It is creative apperception more than anything else that makes the
individual feel that life is worth living. Contrasted with this is a
relationship to external reality which is one of compliance, the world and
its details being recognized but only as something to be fitted in with or
demanding adaptation. Compliance carries with it a sense of futility for
the individual and is associated with the idea that nothing matters and
that life is not worth living. In a tantalizing way many individuals have
experienced just enough creative living to recognize that for most of their
time they are living uncreatively, as if caught up in the creativity of
someone else, or of a machine.--Donald Winnicott, *Playing and Reality*
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