[INDOLOGY] Introduction portions by Prof. Dilipkumar Biswas!

Dr. Debabrata Chakrabarti dchakra at hotmail.de
Thu Apr 15 11:45:35 UTC 2021

Dear Indology List,
I would appreciate if anyone could send me pdf of only the Introduction part of the following books written by the Late Professor Dilipkumar Biswas. The books are following:

  1.  Bata Krishna Ghosh, Nominal and verbal formations in -p- in Sanskrit, Translated from the French by Dilip Kumar Biswas. Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, 1982

  1.  Sakti Or Divine Power, Sudhendukumar Das, Edited by Dilipkumar Biswas, Sree Balaram Prakashani (2nd Edition) Calcutta, 2003

Kindest regards
Debabrata Chakrabarti

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