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Tieken, H.J.H. H.J.H.Tieken at hum.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Sep 17 06:52:29 UTC 2020

Dear List Members,

This is a question I would have posted on the Classical Tamil List of Jean-Luc Chevillard, but as far as I know the list is no longer active.

(Tamil) books I used to order with Dilip Kumar (216/10 R.K. Mutt Road in Mylapore. I tried to contact him a few days ago, but so far I have not received a reply. This morning I tried to phone him but the numbers do no longer exist.  What I would like to know if he has discontinued his business or if there are other ways to contact him.

If he has retired, where does one order Tamil books or books published in Tamil Nadu nowadays?

I am looking for K. Rajan, Early writing System, but all I find are copies offered for USD 160, which is ridiculous for a book of 2290 Rupees!

Best, Herman

Herman Tieken
Stationsweg 58
2515 BP Den Haag
The Netherlands
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website: hermantieken.com<http://hermantieken.com/>

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