[INDOLOGY] Avalokitesvara-Matsyendranath in Orissa?

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On page 10 of H.K. Mahtab's "Culture of Orissa," The Orissa Historical
Research Journal 30, nos. 2-4 (1984), he states:

"A statue of Matsyendranath in the form of Padmapani Avalokitesvar at
forest of Rajnagar under Deravisi Block of Kendrapara Subdivision is still
worshipped by the Nathas of the surrounding villages. The inscription on
both sides of the statue is in Kutila-lipi or proto-Udralipi. [...] The
prototype of the same statue is seen at Kendrapara bus stand with the same
inscription and another at Trilochanpur village under Mahajajpur Gram
Panchayat near Bahugram is also worshipped by the Nathas of the surrounding

This statement is widely quoted in the works of J.P. Singdeo, O.B.
Kabikany, and others.

Do any photographs exist of the abovementioned statues or inscriptions? Is
there any corroborating evidence of the worship of Matsyendranath as
Avalokitesvara in Orissa (or anywhere else outside of Nepal, for that


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Sarva Mangalam.

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