[INDOLOGY] request for articles on parisaṃkhyāna

Lauren Bausch lauren.bausch at drbu.edu
Thu Sep 3 01:51:20 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,

I would appreciate it if someone can share a scan of the following
articles. I am unable to access these journals in the library due to the

K. Kunjunni Raja, “*Parisa**ṃ**khyāna *versus *Prasa**ṃ**khyāna *in
Śaṃkara’s Philosophy.” *Adyar Library Bulletin *54 (1990): 191-193.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan, “On *Prasa**ṃ**khyāna *and *Parisa**ṃ**khyāna:
in Advaita Vedānta and Pre-Śaṃkaran Vedānta.” *Adyar Library Bulletin *62
(1998): 51-89.
Best wishes,

Lauren Bausch
Assistant Professor
Dharma Realm Buddhist University

"Concepts are really monsters that are reborn from their fragments."
--Deleuze and Guattari, *What is Philosophy, *p. 140.

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