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perhaps only of minimal or indeed no relevance to your question:

Dwivedi, R. C. 1981. “Concept of Obscenity (aślīlatā) in Sanskrit Poetics.”
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 62.1/4: 67–76.
Hopkins, E. Washburn. 1925. “Words of Defamation in Sanskrit Legal
Language.” Journal of the American Oriental Society 45: 39–50.
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7.3/4: 197–207.
Vigasin, Alexey A. 2016. “Verbal Abuse and Obscenity in Ancient India”,
Vestnik drevnei istorii 76/1: 108–117. In Russian: Вигасин А. А. Поношение
и срамословие в Древней Индии // Вестник древней истории.


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> Dear fellow list members,
> does anybody happen to know of (an) example(s) from Sanskrit literature
> (preferably Vedic or Epic) in which a genitival *aluk*-compound is used
> as an insult? I mean in partcular the type of *aluk*-compounds whose
> usage is described and licensed by Pāṇ. 6.3.21 and 6.3.22.
> Hints to secondary literature on cursing and swear words in Ancient India
> or on the aforementioned Sūtras (and maybe also Details on the Pāṇinian
> treatment of *aluk*-compound in general) would of course be highly
> appreciated as well.
> Thanks in advance
> Tim
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