[INDOLOGY] aluk-compounds

Tim Felix Aufderheide timfelixaufderheide at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 11:31:22 UTC 2020

Dear fellow list members,

does anybody happen to know of (an) example(s) from Sanskrit literature 
(preferably Vedic or Epic) in which a genitival /aluk/-compound is used 
as an insult? I mean in partcular the type of /aluk/-compounds whose 
usage is described and licensed by Pāṇ. 6.3.21 and 6.3.22.

Hints to secondary literature on cursing and swear words in Ancient 
India or on the aforementioned Sūtras (and maybe also Details on the 
Pāṇinian treatment of /aluk/-compound in general) would of course be 
highly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance


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