Re: [INDOLOGY] vekurañja, Turner's article

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Tue Nov 24 18:07:20 UTC 2020

Owing to the kindness of a number of well-intentioned colleagues (Lubomir
Ondracka, Peter Wyzlic, David Smith, Christophe Vielle and an old
acquaintance who wishes to remain anonymous) it is my pleasure to pass on
the information they have provided me with on the two titles I had been
unable to trace while writing my earlier mail:

A PDF of Jagannātha Tīrtha's Dīpikā on Madhva's BSūBhāṣya is available from
The quoted passage will be found on p. 319 of this edition.

Gildemeisters article on aśvatarī can be downloaded from various

Kindly regarding,

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