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Wed Nov 18 09:50:23 UTC 2020

The librarian of the French Institute at Pondicherry kindly informs me that
Vaudeville’s 1962 book is still available for purchase at the Institute.

I have now recalled that a revised, enlarged, popularised and less
technical, account of the Duhas is available as the final chapter in
Vaudeville’s *Myths, Saints and Legends in Medieval India* (O.U.P 1996),
with an English translation, but not the Rajasthani text of the ballard.
There is a footnote to this concluding chapter of Vaudeville’s selected
essays by the editor stating that this essay was first published in *Bharatiya
Vidya*,* Munshi Indological Felicitation Volume*, vol. xx-xxi (1960-61),
pp. 225-31. (It can be found on archive.org by searching for Munshi
Indological Volume.) In the Munshi Volume Vaudeville explains that that
1960-61 essay is an English translation of the introduction to her
forthcoming book, Les duha de Dhola Maru.

David Smith

Dr David Smith
Reader in South Asian Religions (retired)
Lancaster University
acchoda at gmail.com

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