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Respected Scholars,
              Of late , I find myself deeply intrigued  by the actual meaning of the term " Vigyan".
Among various Buddhist schools of philosophy ,namely.VigyanVadins . BasuBandhu,the well known Buddhist philosopher writes "Chittam Manam Vigyanam Vigyapti ca iti Paryaya" which loosely translates as vigyan chitta(consciousness) and Mana(Mind) are synonymous.On the other hand , lessons from Shri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda tells me that "Vigyan" is Integrated knowledgeIn Taitteriya Upanishad, We find the 5 sheaths that shield the Atmana or soul .Among them the 4th sheath comes to be called as Vigyanmay Sheath or Kosha.Here the term implies "Self awareness"Being stuck in this whirlwind of meanings of a single word,can anyone kindly enlighten me on the actual connotation of the word "Vigyan"              Regards.Alakendu Das 

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