[INDOLOGY] a few books mostly on Indian jewelry

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Fri Nov 13 14:02:39 UTC 2020

 Untracht, Oppi, *Traditional Jewelry of India, *Abrams NY 1997

(By far the most useful)

Birdwood, George C. M., *The Industrial Arts of India,* London 1880

Gabriel, Hannelore, *The Jewelry of Nepal, *Weatherhill, New York & Tokyo

Mehta, Rustam J.*The Handicrafts and Industrial Arts of India,* Bombay, 1960

Nandagopal, Choodamani and Vatsala Iyengar, *Temple Treasures: Temple
Jewelry,*Crafts council of Bangalore,


Chandra, Dr. Rai Govind, *Studies in the Development of Ornaments and
Jewelry in Proto-Historic India, *Chowkhamba Sanskrit series, Varanasi, 1964

Brunel, Francis, *Jewelry of India, *Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt.
Ltd., No place?, No date?

Jayakar, Pupul and John Irwin, *Textiles and Ornaments of India,* New York.

Oppi Untracht's work is the most useful trom a technical standpoint

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