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Good morning,

We have an edited volume on jewels in the Buddhist imaginary scheduled to come out in the Fall of 2021 with University of Hawaii Press. I am happy to share the table of contents with you, if you want to take a look.

Vanessa R. Sasson

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more or less as a side note, there is of course considerable scholarly literature on 'ratna', jewels, beginning I don't know where but certainly one of the early great works which have stood the test of time is Louis Finot’s 1896 Les lapidaires indiens. searching google scholar for Finot and ratna brings up many subsequent works (because so many scholars cite Finot in their bibliographies).


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Dear Alessandro,

"The Encyclopedia of India", Ed. in Chief Stanley Wolper, 2006, has a
good article on "Jewellery" in vol. II with several bibliographic
references. And, just in case you are not aware of it, a search for
"jewellery" in the SARDS database (www.sards.uni-halle.de<http://www.sards.uni-halle.de>) gives 26

With best wishes

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> Dear Members,
> As I am editing the maṇḍanapaddhati (Section on Ornaments) from
> Utprekṣāvallabha's Bhikṣāṭanakāvya, I woul be grateful if any of you
> could point me to any contribution, ancient or modern, on women
> jewellery in ancienti India. References on jewels in literature
> would be highly appreciated: I am trying to ascertain if the poet
> had been somehow influenced by other kāvyas or by technical
> literature. Thanks.
> Alessandro Battistini
> University of Bologna

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