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Here is a partial bibliography on Indian jewellery.  I would like to recommend particularly the book by my late friend Oppi Untracht.

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[Dress, cosmetics, hair styles and ornaments in ancient India from the earliest times to the 7th century A.D.]
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Both volumes are available for download at archive.org:
Vol. I: https://archive.org/details/Mani-malaOrATreatiseOnGemsPartI
Vol. II: https://archive.org/details/Mani-malaOrATreatiseOnGemsPartIi
- Untracht, Oppi, 1997. Traditional jewellery of India. New York: Harry N. Abrams. 4:o, 432 pp., 863 (220 col.) ill. Hb
- Vinson, Julien, 1904. Les bijoux indiens du pays tamoul  (Pondichéry). Journal Asiatique 1904. 23 pp. 
- Weihreter, Hans, 1993. Schätze der Menschen und Götter: Alter Goldschmuck aus Indien. Augsburg: Edition Khyuṅ. 30 cm, 100 pp. 80 ill.

With best wishes, Asko

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> Indian Jewellery. by Thomas Holbein (sic) Hendley. The book is available on Archiv.org <http://archiv.org/>.
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> Dear Members,
> As I am editing the maṇḍanapaddhati (Section on Ornaments) from Utprekṣāvallabha's Bhikṣāṭanakāvya, I woul be grateful if any of you could point me to any contribution, ancient or modern, on women jewellery in ancienti India. References on jewels in literature would be highly appreciated: I am trying to ascertain if the poet had been somehow influenced by other kāvyas or by technical literature. Thanks.
> Alessandro Battistini
> University of Bologna
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