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Dear everyone,
we did it for the 70th year of India’s independence.
It’s taken another two, to became a book. One that, we trust, all India-lovers would love to have in their library.
On 11 Nov. 2017, under the auspices of the Indian Embassy in Rome, ISAS, the Institute of South Asian Studies & ISMEO – International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, brought together Indologists and art historians from all over the world, including a senior scientist who, in his youth, had participated in India’s freedom struggle. The event was held in one of the most prestigious Renaissance Libraries in Rome.
The papers and themes that emerged in the course of the day, on what drove India then, what she strove for, what are her emergent challenges now, are now collected together in a handy full-colour laid paper volume of some 200 pages.
It’s called Voices of Freedom: Society, Culture and Ideas in the 70th year of India’s Independence, €36.


Best Regards
Tiziana Lorenzetti


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