Re: [INDOLOGY] Unicode fonts for Śāradā and Bhujimol scripts?

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Sun Jun 21 08:26:51 UTC 2020

Dear Michael,
Many thanks for your detailed answer! I know about Google NOTO – it is
unusable indeed.
I will look into the Newari fonts you recommend, although they are probably
no good for Bhujimol.
Thanks again!

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> Dear Nataliya,
> I have searched extensively in the past few years for Sharada and Newari
> fonts (preferring unicode) for use as illustrations of original texts in my
> forthcoming edited anthology, *A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses* (UC
> Press).
> For Sharada, the only option I was able to find is Google's Noto Sans
> Sharada <>, which is so
> ugly as to be unusable.
> For Newari fonts, there are some decent ones for modern forms of the
> script, such as described at the bottom of this page
> <> (with links to the
> fonts).  I am not aware of any fonts for the older "Bhujimol" form of the
> script.  There is also a Devanagari-encoded "unicode" font for the Ranjana
> script you might be interested in, described here
> <>.  These
> Devanagari-encoded Newar fonts work well, despite using the Devanagari
> unicode character map.  See here
> <> and here
> <> for full-page samples.
> All the best,
> Michael
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