Re: [INDOLOGY] Unicode fonts for Śāradā and Bhujimol scripts?

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Sat Jun 20 19:21:03 UTC 2020

Dear Nataliya,

I have searched extensively in the past few years for Sharada and Newari 
fonts (preferring unicode) for use as illustrations of original texts in 
my forthcoming edited anthology, *A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses* (UC 

For Sharada, the only option I was able to find is Google's Noto Sans 
Sharada <>, which is so 
ugly as to be unusable.

For Newari fonts, there are some decent ones for modern forms of the 
script, such as described at the bottom of this page 
<> (with links to the 
fonts).  I am not aware of any fonts for the older "Bhujimol" form of 
the script.  There is also a Devanagari-encoded "unicode" font for the 
Ranjana script you might be interested in, described here 
<>.  These 
Devanagari-encoded Newar fonts work well, despite using the Devanagari 
unicode character map.  See here 
<> and here 
<> for full-page samples.

All the best,


Michael Slouber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, South Asian Studies
Global Humanities and Religions
Western Washington University

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