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Sun Jun 14 00:31:46 UTC 2020

Thank you to Madhav Deshpande, Roland Steiner, Nagaraj Paturi,
AleksandarUsk  (and Christophe Vielle (who gave me the reference  Borooah,
A comprehensive grammar of the Sanskrit language, vol. 10: Prosody, 1883,
p. 100 §207, as a sub-type of triṣ.tup, without any name.)
for this fascinating discussion.

1) I couldn't find Mandāramarandacampū published in the Kāvyamālā series,
No. 52, Bombay 1895 in and the link to this text in (which was to an address) is broken. Does
anyone have a pdf or a link to an online copy?

2) The three volume enhanced Apte dictionary that Madhav refererd to, is
in  the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries websiet but only available on special
request. I'm assuming this is because it is considered to be still under
copyright and not in the public domain.

Madhav gave me this information about the edition: 1959 edition published
in Pune by Prasad Prakashan, with editors P. K. Gode and C. G. Karve. But
the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries website gives a publication date
of 1957.

if it was published after  21 January 1958 then the Copyright Act of 1957
applies and it wont be in the public domain until 60 years after the
editors date of death. But if the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries
website date of publication (1957) for the dictionary is correct then it
should be in the public domain.

Harry Spier

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 5:31 AM Roland Steiner via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Madhav,
> > indicating that the reading of the definition given in the Kavyamala
> edition is faulty
> Surprisingly, the commentary (*Mādhuryarañjanīvyākhyā*) confirms this
> fault:
> *narau nagaṇaragaṇau ro ragaṇaḥ / gau gurudvayam /*
> I guess that the correct entry in the three volume edition of Apte's
> dictionary could be taken from Velankar's *Jayadāman* (Bombay 1949, p.
> 126):
> "*nararalaga Rājahaṃsī* (6,5) Mm. 9.11, *Vibhūṣaṇā* Vjs [=
> *Vṛttajātisamuccaya* of Vīrahaṅka] 4.94"
> By the way, the definition *kanakamañjarī naś ca rau lagau* is itself
> written in this meter (*na ra ra la ga*; caesura after the 6th syllable)
> - a practice that was probably first introduced by Jayadeva (leaving aside
> the hardly datable *Nāṭyaśāstra*).
> Best wishes,
> Roland Steiner
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