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The University of Toronto’s library system has contributed nearly 215,000 titles from their collections to the Internet Archive project. The library has devoted a sizable area of the John P. Robarts Library's 7th floor to the ongoing scanning and digitization of material. Curious about metadata problems with their digitized Sanskrit collection, I spoke a few years ago to a librarian who liaises between Robarts and Internet Archive. If I recall correctly, they mentioned that the metadata for their digital collection on Archive.org<http://Archive.org> is drawn directly from the UToronto library system itself. Due to staffing, budget, and expertise constraints, there is little scope for correcting metadata on a mass scale. Doing so, they emphasized, would require a cumbersome process of first correcting data on library-side AACR2/RDA listings, which would then be used to update Archive.org<http://Archive.org>.

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