[INDOLOGY] Navagraha worship in Tamil literature

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Dear Ofer,

for early Sanskrit sources which provide informations about Śāni 
(=Saturn) as well as many pictures see

Mevissen, Gerd. J.R. 2000, /Īṣat-paṅgu Śanaiścara, the Lame Planetary 
God Saturn and His vāhanas/, Serie Orientale Roma, Vol. XC. Roma: 1267-1297.



Am 23.07.2020 um 17:21 schrieb Ofer Peres via INDOLOGY:
> Dear list members,
> I would be grateful for any reference to pre-modern Tamil literary 
> texts (or Sanskrit texts that originated from the Tamil-akam) that 
> mention Navagraha-worship and the worship of Saturn in particular.
> Many thanks,
> Ofer Peres.
> The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

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