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Dear Madhav,
Rosen must have taken into account forms of medieval "living sanskrit"
noted by Vopadeva in his Kalpadruma.
Vopadeva lists, in stanza 265, *cur-ki steye*, with anubandha *ki*
indicating that it is among the roots that "belong to the *cur* class only
Palsule, ed. of Kavikalpadruma of Vopadeva, Poona (sic) 1954, p. xxvii
(Vopadeva's anubandhas), and p. 43 for stanza 265: a commentary explains: *ki,
corayati corati*.
Palsule's Concordance published in 1955 in the Bulletin of the Deccan
College Research Institute lists *cur* on p. 46 as being accepted by all
grammarians exclusively as belonging to the Xth class, except Vopadeva who
accepts it in both the Ist and Xth class.
I did not check what your namesake Madhava has to say about *cur*.
But Melputtur Narayana Bhatta summarizes him in his brief comment on* cur*
(p. 619 of Guruvayur edition):
*cura steye / akāra uktyarthaḥ / ‘ṇicaś ca’ (AA 1.3.74) iti taṅ curāder
neti mataṁ mādhavadūṣitam / tenobhayapaditvam eva / corayati,
corayate’rtham / *

*   ke cit sarvacurādīnām anityaṇyantatāṁ jaguḥ /    yeṣāṁ vikalpacihnaṁ (
? -cittaṁ ?) syāt teṣām eveti mādhavaḥ //*
In addition, Narayana Bhatta gives* cura steye / corati* in his long
appendix to the Dhatupatha, under *drume’dhikā bhvādayaḥ*.
However, could one not have a perfect *cucora* even without accepting *cura
steye / corati*?

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> In his book *Radices Sanskritae*, published in 1827 from Berlin,
> Frederick Rosen lists the root चुर् as occurring in the first and the 10th
> conjugations, and provides forms like चोरति/चोरयति and चुचोर/चोरयामास.
> [image: image.png]
> I have used the form चुचोर in one of my verses, and I wanted to know from
> other Vaiyākaraṇas if there is any evidence for the root चुर् in the first
> conjugation.  Perhaps, G.B. Palsule's concordance of the various versions
> of the Dhātupāṭha has some information. I couldn't find my copy of this
> book. Rosen does not list the source of his information.
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