[INDOLOGY] Some Ganesha gayatri mantras

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 23:50:38 UTC 2020

Dear list members,
I've been asked to verify the authenticity of the following two Ganesha
gayatri mantras.  I.e. if they are not a modern creation. I haven't found
them in either Muktabodha or GRETIL libraries.  Would any of the list
members know a scriptural source or have heard these in a temple ceremony?

 ekadantāya vidmahe

vakratuṇḍāya dhīmahi

tanno buddhiḥ pracodayāt

gajānanāya vidmahe

vakratuṇḍāya dhīmahi

tanno dantī pracodayāt


Harry Spier

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