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Dear Friends,

Please find below the Programme of this year's 20 Annual Jaina Lecture and
of the 22nd SOAS Jaina Studies Workshop on *(Non) Violence.*

Everyone is Welcome!

Co-Sponsorship & Voluntary Donations are invited to keep our free public
programmes going.

Please RSVP to: centres at soas.ac.uk.

*Help us ensure Prakrit continues to be a part of SOAS in 2020/21.*

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The 20th Annual Jaina LectureFrom the Telling of Stories to the Teaching of
Jain Doctrine: Religious Discourses in long Medieval Narratives

Professor Christine Chojnacki (University of Lyon)

*Date:* 20 March 2020*Time:* 6:00 PM

*Finishes:* 20 March 2020*Time:* 9:00 PM

*Venue:* Brunei Gallery *Room:* Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

22nd Jaina Studies Workshop: (Non) Violence*Date:* 21 March 2020*Time:* 9:00

*Finishes:* 21 March 2020*Time:* 6:00 PM

*Venue:* Brunei Gallery *Room:* Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

*Type of Event:* Workshop

*Online registration.


*Time* *Description*
9:00am Tea and Coffee
*First Session: Violence and Non-Violence*
9:15am *Peter Flügel* (SOAS)
*The Non-Violence of Non-Violence*
9:45am *Brianne Donaldson* (University of California, Irvine, USA)
*The Hunter, the Bow, and the Arrow: Intentional Harm in the Early Jain
10:15am *Samaṇī Pratibhā Prajñā* (Jain Vishva Bharati Institute/SOAS)
*Ahiṁsā Praśikṣaṇa: A Socio-Religious Initiative*
10:45am Tea and Coffee
*Second Session: Imagined (Non-) Violence*
11:15am *Patrick Krüger* (University of Bochum, Germany)
*The Visualizing of Torture and Pain: Depictions of Violence in Jaina Art*
11:45am *Himal Trikha* (University of Vienna, Austria)
*84 Lakh Yonis: The Jaina Doctrine of 8.4 Million Embodiments*
12:15pm *Julie Alyssa Hanlon* (University of Chicago, USA)
*(Non) Violence in Stone and Clay: A Consideration of Jain Lithic
Inscriptions, Relief Images, and Ceramic Vessels*
12:45pm *Prakrit Jnanabharati International Award*
1:00pm Group Photo
1:15pm Lunch
*Third Session: Statehood and (Non-) Violence*
2:15pm *Olle Qvarnström* (The University of Lund, Sweden)
*Jain Adaptation to Muslim Rule during the Delhi Sultanate*
2:45pm *Tillo Detige* (Gent, Belgium)
*Rhetoric of Violence, Violent Rhetoric: The Sultanate and Mughal Era
Flourishing of Digambara Jainism*
3:15pm *Jean Arzoumanov* (Sorbonne III, Paris, France)
*Conflicting Descriptions of Jaina Monks in Indo-Persian Sources: Between
Nonviolence, Magic and Snake Charming*
3:45pm Tea and Coffee
*Fourth Session: Jaina Narratives of Violence and Non-Violence*
4:15pm *Steven Vose* (Florida International University)
*What To Do About All This Killing? Locating Jain Tantra in Medieval Indian
Political and Social Life*
4:45pm *Basile Leclère* (University of Lyon, France)
*Teachings on Violence in Jain Prabandhas: The Tragic Death of King
5:15pm *Simon Winant* (University of Gent, Belgium)
*Justifying Violence & Redistributing Blame: The Implications of
Devaprabhasūri’s Narrative Choices in the Pāṇḍavacarita*
5:45pm *Richard Fynes* (SOAS)
*Violence and Humour in Hemacandra*
6:15pm Final Remarks
*Sponsored by:*

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