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Sun Jan 26 11:00:07 UTC 2020

Dear Mr. Patel,

> The names of works are taken from History of Indian Lexicography by  
> Claus Vogel.

Just for your information:

There is a "Revised and Enlarged Edition" of Vogel's "Indian Lexicography:

Indian Lexicography. Revised and Enlarged Edition. By Claus Vogel.  
Edited by Jürgen Hanneder and Martin Straube.
München 2015. (Indologica Marpurgensia. 6). P. Kirchheim Verlag, 148  
pp. ISBN: 978-3-87410-145-5

The monograph Indian Lexicography by the late Professor Claus Vogel  
(1933–2012), who taught Indology at the University of Bonn, contains a  
literary-historical survey of the Indian lexicographical literature in  
Sanskrit. This book appeared first in 1979 in the "History of Indian  
Literature" and has remained since then the unsurpassed standard work  
on this subject. In the course of time the author had been collecting  
additional notes and corrections which he initially planned to publish  
separately in a small booklet. When the Indian Lexicography went out  
of print, however, the publishers of the "Indologica Marpurgensia"  
proposed to him to prepare instead a revised edition of his work.  
Professor Vogel happily consented, and as a result now an updated  
authorized version of this standard book has been released.

Editorial note:

Order: http://www.kirchheimverlag.de/index/frames-nav-unten/sachbuch-frame.htm

With best regards,
Roland Steiner

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