[INDOLOGY] Request for Sanskrit lexica - 2

Dhaval Patel drdhaval2785 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 13:06:35 UTC 2020

Respected Scholars,

I am in need of scanned copies of the following lexica. Any help on list or
off list is appreciated.
The names of works are taken from History of Indian Lexicography by Claus

1. Paramaanandiiyanaamamaalaa of Makarandadaasa.
2. SiddhashabdaarNava of Sahajakiirti.
3. Koshakalpararu of Vishvanaath. (Part 1 seems available on archive.org.
Part 2 is not available)
4. Pancatattvaprakaasha of Veniidatta.
5. Shabdaratnaavalii of Mathuresh Vidyaalankaara.
6. Shivakosha of Shivadatta Mishra.

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