[INDOLOGY] Texts about translators and translation?

Hartmut Buescher buescherhartmut at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 16:26:39 UTC 2020

Dear Nataliya and those, who follow this thread,

remembered yesterday that, long ago by now (‘90ies of the last century),

in the context of frequent talks with a friend, a serious Zen practitioner,

I wrote a short piece (for private use) that, retrospectively seen, also

variations (internal, intersubjective, traditional, trans- and

levels and other aporetic aspects (the implicit, the unsaid, the suggestive

à la Abhinavagupta], the ironic) that may be associated with the inherently

complex nature of translation and the tasks of transport it is expected at

to achieve. Though due to the original context of its production, it is

indirectly related to the cultural sphere of Sanskrit, it is qua allusions

nevertheless concerned with “the middle”, Madhyamaka, and with what

Nāgārjuna called *prapañcopaśama* (“the coming to rest of

a notion subsequently taken over by Gauḍapāda (cf.  Bhattacharya’s & Bouy’s

comments on GK II.35). And there are other ones. If not all of these
allusions may

with equal ease be *translated* into adequate understanding by the

reader’s self-referentially narrative capacities executing hermeneutical

no problem: this might then be taken as a direct, empirically reproduced,

of Dominic’s assertion (as referred to) about the translator’s

Initially hesitant to send ‘Half a Cloud’ to the list, yet as it does in a
less than

dead serious manner (in this respect complying with Nataliya’s request)

illuminate general aporias *all* Indologists and Buddhologists are
confronted with,

if the most significant classical Indian hermeneutical perspectives related

first person perspective dimensions have to be translated into cultural

dominated by third person perspective paradigms – and probably more or less

sparked by Dominic’s remarks on translation –, it’s now being sent.

Best wishes for a productive weekend, Hartmut

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> Did we find " Sanskrit texts about translation and translators" ?
> No, we didn't, however, my student might find something in the recommended
> secondary literature.
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