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Dear Colleagues,
Students and well-wishers of Professor Ram Karan Sharma approached the
IASS during the Vancouver WSC in July 2018 to set up this award under
the auspices of the IASS (International Association of Sanskrit
Professor Sharma sadly passed away in the meantime on 18 December
2018. He was the President of the IASS from 1994–2006.

The award in his honour was welcomed by all the members of the Board,
Regional Directors and Consultative Committee of the IASS.

Details were announced in IASS website in August 2018 for the award,
to be coupled with each World Sanskrit Conference.
One of the he conditions for the award includes:
"In the fve years (2016–2021) previous to the next WSC applicants 1)
shall have received a PhD and 2) shall have published journal articles
and/or published a book in the area(s) mentioned above. Theses and
publications in English only are eligible for consideration."
  Please see all the details here:

The next WSC conference is to take place in Canberra, Australia, from
18-22 January 2021:

The deadline for the award valued at 1000 USD is the end of January
2020 and the winner to be announced soon after the Canberra WSC 18–22
January 2021.

Please Note:
Applications for the RK Sharma Award should be sent to Professor Deven
deven.m.patel at gmail.com.

With thanks for your attention,
Jay Soni
Secretary General of the IASS


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