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 Thanks for this information. When I spoke to Rajendra Prakash Jain a short while ago he said that they are still sorting out who will do what. I expect there may be natural attrition probably some specialization but it may take some time to settle out. If you have a past relationship you're happy with, then you can probably go with that for now.

They are still close family and most of them live right next to each other.

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 This may be of general interest. In Delhi I inquired about the new organisational structure of the above mentioned publishing house. I received the following answer{
The originally joint family run company recently peacefully segmented in four new independent companies:
CompaniesMotilal Banarsidass International
MLBD Books International
Address41-UA Bungalow Road (Backside), Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-110007 (India)
Contact PersonsJainendra Prakash JainAbhishek Jain
Contact Detailsmlbdbook at gmail.comajmlbd76@gmail.com
CompaniesMotilal Banarsidass Publishing HouseMotilal Banarsidass Publishers
AddressA-44, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110028 (India)
Contact PersonsRajendra Prakash JainVarun Jain
Contact Detailsmlbd at mlbd.in
CompaniesMotilal BanarsidassMotilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt Ltd
Address41-UA Bungalow Road (Frontside Showroom), Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-110007 (India)
Contact PersonsRavindra Prakash Jain
Contact Detailsmlbd at mlbd.co.in
CompaniesMotilal Banarsidass PublicationsNew Age Books
Address93, Shyam Lal Marg, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002 (India)
Contact PersonsRajeev Prakash JainPranav Jain
Contact Detailsmlbd at mlbd.commlbdbooks@gmail.commlbdnab at gmail.comwww.mlbd.com+91-8800666080
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