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Indeed, it is not rare at all. Here are some examples from a 15th century
text from Kashmir authored by Śrīvara. In his *Jaina-Taraṅgiṇī* he quotes
his own cannon eulogy composed on the occasion of his public consecration
of Sulṭān Zayn’s brand-new artillery pieces, and also quotes a dialogue
with benedictive usage which immediately preceded the preparations for the
Battle of Mallaśilā in the year 1452:

1) *kriyāt* (benedictive 3rd person singular √*kṛ*)

[…] *yantratantraiḥ*

*sthirāṃ pratiṣṭhāṃ kriyāt sa Mayaḥ *|| 1.1.75cd ||

“Would that he [as another] Maya consolidates [his] superiority with [the
help of these] cannon formations.

2) *stāt* (√*as* + °*tāt*, 3rd person singular imperative termination,
applied however in the sense of a benediction [of cannons])

*kalpaṃ stād yantrabhāṇḍam idam *|| 1.1.79d ||

“May this cannon last an aeon!”

3) *kriyāḥ* (benedictive 2nd person singular √*kṛ*)

*tvam evākaṇṭakaṃ rājyaṃ kriyā dharmakriyā bhajan |*

*vairiṇo vimukhā yāntu raṇe labdhaparābhavāḥ* || 1.1.113 ||

“May you alone, pursuing lawful acts, rule a kingdom free of enemies! May
[your] enemies suffer defeat in the encounter [and] take to flight, with
their faces averted!”



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