[INDOLOGY] Appropriate meaning of the word"Vigyan"

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Mr.David and Nancy Riegle,
Thank you so much for helping me with Franklin Edgerton's 1933 article on Vignana and Gnana.!I was feeling elated as I was going through ShankaraCharya's analysis on Gnana and Vignana.However,as I referred to Buddhist definition of Vignana ( my Nov 13 post) previously , I find VasuBandhu, in his book" VignaptiMatroSiddhi" speaking on Vignana as follows-" Chittam Manam Vigyanam VignoptiScheto Paryaya" which somewhat means that Chitta( I.e.the internal sense organs,or Antaksharan,in Sanskrit, according to Patanjaili's Yog Philosophy), Manam(mind) and Vignana are synonymous terms (Paryaya).
RegardsAlakendu Das.

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Dear Alakendu Das,
First, may I suggest that you use the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration for writing Sanskrit words? This is what Indologists are accustomed to. Thus, your vigyan would be written as vijñāna.
As you noted in your query of Nov. 13, the meaning of vijñāna

 in Buddhist texts somewhat differs from its meaning in Hindu texts. In both cases, the meaning of 
vijñāna comes out in juxtaposition with jñāna. An article on this by Franklin Edgerton was published in 1933, "Jñāna  and 
vijñāna," drawing on Hindu texts. I have scanned my photocopy of it and attached a PDF of the scan.
Best regards,
David ReigleColorado, U.S.A.

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To All,Can anyone kindly enlighten me on true implication of the word "Vigyan"in the light of Indian Philosophy.I am aware of it's implication in Buddhist philosophy . However,I am eager to know it's true meaning in the context of Indian Philosophy .RegardsAlakendu Das 

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