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Dear Patrick,

The poet Visnudas at Gwalior composed a condensed version of the *Mahābhārata
*(called the *Pāṇḍava-Carita*) in 1435 and a *Rāmāyana* in 1442, both in an
early form of Hindi. Both find mention in R.S. McGregor's *Hindi Literature
from Its Beginnings to the Nineteenth Century* (Harrasowitz, 1984) and Imre
Bangha and Heidi Pauwels have written in greater detail on them (I can find
the references if you would like).

In my experience, many of the 'commentaries' (be they titled ṭīkā, bhāṣya,
or something else) composed in early Hindi and Old Gujarati on Sansakrit
works actually correspond to what we would usually call 'iconic'
translation, per C.S. Pierce. On that issue, if it's of interest, see John
Cort, "Making it Vernacular in Agra," in Orsini and Butler-Schofield, *Tellings
and Texts *(Open Book, 2015) and my "Commentary as Translation," in *Text
and Tradition in Early Modern North India* (Oxford, 2018), though they both
deal with works on the latter edge of your chronological range.

All best,

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> I have received a query from a scholar not on this list about translations
> of Sanskrit texts into other Indian languages in the medieval period, say
> pre- 17th century. If any of you know such translations, I’d be delighted
> to get some information on them.
> With thanks and best wishes,
> Patrick Olivelle
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