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Dear colleagues,

I am trying to identify this stanza which is transmitted on Bali as stanza 33 of the compendium called Sārasamuccaya:*

<lg n="33" met="anuṣṭubh">
<l>yuvaiva dharmam anvicched yuvā vittaṁ yuvā śrutam |</l>
<l>tiryag bhavati vai darbha utpatan na ca viddhyati ॥33॥</l>

I don't get any hits in the GRETIL collection for the whole stanza, although I do find a pratīka in the Tantravārttika:

yuvaiva dharmam anvicched ity evamādismaraṇaprakāśitārtham ...

Can anyone help me track down a/the source?


Arlo Griffiths

Raghu Vira. 1962. Sāra-Samuccaya (a Classical Indonesian Compendium of High Ideals). Dvīpāntara-Piṭaka 7; Śata-Piṭaka 24. New Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture.

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