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Dominik Haas dominik.haas at univie.ac.at
Mon Apr 27 15:21:13 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,

we have now reached *100 signatures* for The 2020 Manifesto for Fair 
Open Access Publishing in South Asian Studies. 
<https://foasas.org/#manifest> Thanks again to all the supporters!

We are currently working on the next step of the initiative. Our goal is 
to create and maintain *a list of FOASAS publishers, journals, book 
series* and other publication media. You can have a look at the 
preliminary list here:

The list is work in progress. Do you know of any other FOA publishers, 
journals etc. with a certain focus on Indological / South Asia-related 
research? Or do you have any other suggestions for the list?

Best regards,

Dominik A. Haas

Vitus Angermeier

P.S.: Credit is of course due to Dominik Wujastyk for the list of OA 
journals he posted on his blog in 2013; the list provided a very good 
basis for the new one.

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