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Dear Colleagues,

Many years back I had come across an edition/book that included a poetic
translation of the *Meghadūta* of Kālidāsa into all Indian/South Asian
languages. I do recall there was also a poetic translation into Kashmiri by
Arjun Dev Majboor (1924-2015). I cannot recall who had edited/published
this book, or even the complete title of the book. Would someone have any
idea about this?

Since we started re-reading *Meghadūta *recently, I really wanted to read
the Kashmiri rendering again. Many years back I had attempted a poetic
Kashmiri translation of a few verses of the *Kumārasaṃbhava* that I lost.
The self-reflexive quarantine situation is making me think about such
attempts yet again. Any help in finding the above book would be highly

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