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*ācārebhyaḥ kavibhyo vidvadbhyaś ca namaḥ |*

Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism have informed me that my entry on Durgā
has just been published and is available to read online. My sincere
gratitude to various editors, known and anonymous, who suggested further
readings, that I greatly enjoyed and learned so much from.

Apologies in advance for omissions. My earnest plea echoing the words of
Someśvaradeva: *[vayaṃ...] durge 'tra mārge tad api pravṛttā nopekṣitavyāḥ
kavibhiḥ skhalantaḥ* (*Surathotsava* 1.62 cd).

This is work in progress, and hence I would be grateful if you could let me
know of improvements and suggestions of further materials, which I can then
include. The article can be accessed here:

If you cannot log in via your institution, you can use the following details
for free access for the next six months:
Username: OxAccess605
Password: Curie308

Thank you.


Bihani Sarkar BA (English, First Class Honours), MPhil, D.Phil (Sanskrit),

Nielsen Exhibition (2003), St. Hilda's College Prize for a Distinction,
Final Honours School Exam (2005),

Nachwuchsinitiative Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Hamburg (2012-2014)

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford (2014-2017)

Associate Fellow of Senior Common Room, Christ Church, Oxford (2017-2019)

*Heroic Shāktism: The Cult of Durgā in Ancient Indian Kingship*:


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