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Dear List,

In Debendranath Tagore's autobiography, "Atmajibani", is quoted a verse. The editor writes in a footnote that this is mentioned in Raja Rammohan Roy's book "Bhattacharyer sahit bichar". But that book cannot be a source either. This Sanskrit verse is talking of a formless God ('nirakara' brahman), but it is not from the Upanishadic times as might be expected. The meter is shardulavikridita, a much later meter. I guess it might be in a sanskritized form from the Mahanirvana Tantra, but I never got a chance to access that text. Can anyone help me identify the source?

rūpam rūpavivarjitasya bhavato dhyānena yadvarṇitam

stutyānirvacanīyatākhilaguro dūrīkṛtā yanmayā

vyāpitvañca vināśitam bhagavato yattīrthayātradinā

kṣantavyam jagadīśa tadvikalatādoṣatrayam matkṛtam

Thou art formless, yet I meditate thee through an imagined form ; thou art beyond expression, yet I make eulogies for thee; thou art all-pervading, yet I go on pilgrimage; pardon these three faults of mine!

I will appreciate if anyone could give me the answer.
Debabrata Chakrabarti

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