[INDOLOGY] Book announcement: Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy

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Mon May 20 17:03:54 UTC 2019

Dear list members,

I would like to announce that my book, _Language, Meaning, and Use in 
Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Mukula's “Fundamentals of the 
Communicative Function"_ is now available, as of 16 May 2019, from 
Bloomsbury Academic.

The book is a new translation of the entirety of Mukula's 
Abhidhāvṛttamātṛkā, an early (10th-11th century CE) and influential 
response to Ānandavardhana's dhvani theory. It includes a commentarial 
essay on the entire text in detail, as well as an introduction to the 
Sanskrit linguistic philosophy which informs his work, an essay making 
connections between his theory of sentential unity and contemporary 
pragmatics, a transliteration of the Sanskrit text, and an analytical 
outline of the text with a guide to his linguistic examples and a 
glossary. It is designed not only for scholars and philosophers 
interested in Mukula's work, but as a text which could be assigned to 
undergraduates for teaching Indian philosophy of language.

It is available online in paperback, hardback and ebook versions at 
Bloomsbury's website 




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