[INDOLOGY] A lucid commentary on Navya Nyaya New Book Ysolata

Krishnaprasad G krishnaprasadah.g at gmail.com
Thu May 16 13:25:20 UTC 2019

Dear all
I recently happened to see a commentary called यशोलता written on
Vyaptipancaka jagadisi Krodapatra written by Bachha Jha बच्चा झा penned by
Jain monk at the age of 21 year s.
This book is not like other existing commentaries, which are never useful
to understand the original rather more difficult than the original.
This Yasolata commentary is very lucid, and in 14 Vols. I referred and very
much happy to share this.

I support and wish the author to write more such commentaries to understand
the difficult Navya Nyaya texts.

You can see the details here

Yours sincerely

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