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Dear Colleagues,

The following monographs and Annual Report published recently by IRIAB may
be of interest to list members:


*The Mahāvastu: A New Edition*, vol. III, ed. by Katarzyna Marciniak
(Bibliotheca Philologica et Philosophica Buddhica XIV,1)

ISBN 978-4-904234-18-1.

A PDF file will soon be made available at the following link:


*Mahāyāna Texts: Prajñāpāramitā Texts *(2), ed. by Seishi Karashima and
Tatsushi Tamai, Tokyo 2019: The National Archives of India, New Delhi and
The International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka
University, Tokyo (Gilgit Manuscripts in the National Archives of India:
Facsimile Edition, vol. II.2).

ISBN 978-4-904234-17-4.


*Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced
Buddhology at Soka University* (= ARIRIAB), XXII (2019)

Bhikkhu ANĀLAYO: Pārājika Does Not Necessarily Entail Expulsion           3

DHAMMADINNĀ: Soreyya/ā’s double sex change: on gender relevance and
Buddhist values 9

Petra KIEFFER-PÜLZ: “[If some]one says in this connection” The usage of
etthāha in Pāli commentarial literature 35

Katarzyna MARCINIAK: *Editio princeps *versus an old palm-leaf manuscript
Sa: Verses in the *Mahāvastu *revisited (II) 59

Seishi KARASHIMA and Katarzyna MARCINIAK: *Sabhika-vastu* 71

Seishi KARASHIMA and Katarzyna MARCINIAK: The story of Hastinī in the
*Mahāvastu *and *Fobenxingji jing* 103

Peter SKILLING and SAERJI: Jātakas in the *Bhadrakalpika-sūtra*: A
provisional inventory I 125

James B. APPLE: The Semantic Elucidation (nirukta) of Bodhisattva Spiritual
Attainment: A Rhetorical Technique in Early Mahāyāna Sūtras 171

LIU Zhen: An Improved Critical Edition of *Maitreyavyākaraṇa *in Gilgit
Manuscript 193

LU Lu: An Analogy of Pots in *Dao di jing *道地經 and its Sanskrit Parallel 209

Péter-Dániel SZANTO: A Fragment of the *Prasannapadā *in the Bodleian
Library 213

LI Xuezhu: Diplomatic Transcription of the Sanskrit Manuscript of the
*Abhidharmasamuccayavyākhyā* 217

Jonathan A. SILK: Chinese Sūtras in Tibetan Translation: A Preliminary
Survey 227

Mauro MAGGI: Bits and bites: the Berlin fragment bi 43 and Khotanese **druṣ*
- 247

Yutaka YOSHIDA: On the Sogdian articles 261

Tatsushi TAMAI: The Tocharian *Maitreyasamitināṭaka* 287

Peter ZIEME: A fragment of an Old Uighur translation of the *Śatapañcāśatka

Isao KURITA: The Great Passing of the Buddha and Māra 345

M. Nasim KHAN: Studying Buddhist Sculptures in Context (I): The Case of a
Buddha Figure from But Kara III, Gandhāra 347

Tadashi TANABE: Gandhāran Śibi-Jātaka Imagery and Falconry —Gandhāra, Kizil
and Dunhuang–– 359

Haiyan Hu-von HINÜBER: From the Upper Indus to the East Coast of China: On
the Origin of the Pictorial Representation of the Lotus Sūtra  377


For details, please visit 'Publication' page of our Website :

With best regards,

Seishi Karashima

Director, The International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology
(IRIAB) at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan

(Excuse me for cross-posting)

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