[INDOLOGY] Atharvana jyotisha

Tejas Aralere tsaralere at gmail.com
Wed May 15 20:43:05 UTC 2019

Dear All,

I am trying to find the Sanskrit text for the Atharvaṇa Jyotiṣa and during
my search, I found the Atharva Veda Parishishta.  Does anyone know if these
texts the same?  I’ve searched through secondary sources, but cannot figure
out if they are the same.  Below is the link I found to the Atharva Veda
http://titus.uni-frankfurt.de/texte/etcs/ind/aind/ved/av/avparis/avpar.htm .
If anyone has the text (and maybe a translation) of the Atharvana Jyotisha,
I would really appreciate a PDF, or bibliographical information for the
text so I can find it at a library here in the US.

Thank you,

Tejas Aralere

tsaralere at ucsb.edu

Department of Classics, UC Santa Barbara

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