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Here an article by

S. A. S. Sarma, “A Survey of Works Relating to Kerala Architecture”, in Indian

Scientific Traditions (Professor K. N. Neelakanthan Elayath Felicitation Volume),

Calicut University Sanskrit Series n° 19, University of Calicut, 2006, p. 225-244 (there are other articles on Kerala architecture in the vol.),

giving the references for the texts you ask for

to which add for the MM the edition by

Bruno Dagens, ed. Mayamatam: Treatise of Housing, Architecture, and Iconography.
New Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 1994, 2 volumes Kalamulasastra Series 15
[Reprint Delhi: IGNCA, 2000]
CCA Library
[Review K. Kunjunni Raja. Adyar Library Bulletin 59 (1995): 315]

and the recent edition of the

Devalayacandrika of Narayana Nambudiri (the tantrik text dealing with the construction of temples and images), along with an introd., Sanskrit text, ‘Mohanabodhini’ Hindi tr. & index of verses, tr. & ed. Shri Krishan ‘Jugnu’. — Delhi, Parimal, 2015, xiv+144p.,(32)col. pls., 23cm. (Parimal Sanskrit Sr; 145) ISBN 9788171105267

Most of the old editions of the TSS are on


On the Tantrasamuccaya, see also

Tantrasamuccaya of Nārāyaṇa : with the commentaries Vimarśinī
of Śaṅkara and Vivarana of Nārāyanaśisya; reprinted with an English
translation of the text = Tantrasamuccayaḥ / by N.P. Unni. -- First edition.
-- Delhi, India : New Bharatiya Book Corporation, 2014.
        3 volumes (xcix, 1088, xii pages) : illustrations (black and white) ;
25 cm
        Text and commentary in Sanskrit; translation and introductory
matter in English.
        Compendium for Tantric rituals and rules for temple architecture
and sculpture.
        Includes indexes.
        ISBN 9788183152228 (set)

See also the important work of Schildt (Henri)

The Traditional Kerala Manor

Achitecture of a South Indian Cathusala House

Collection Indologie 117

Pondichéry, EFEO/IFP. 2012. 474 p.

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Dear list members,

One of my students is working on sacred architecture in Kerala and would like to examine both pan-Indian and regional adaptations of treatises on architecture. I would be very grateful to you if you could suggest the best editions to  study the following:

1. Architecture of Manasara
2. Mayamata - An Indian Treatise on Housing Architecture
3. Tantra Samuccayam
4. Śilparatna

The two latter being regional adaptations of Kerala.

Many thanks in advance for your helpful replies!

All the best,
Jessie Pons

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jessie Pons
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